Caring for Silver Jewelry

 Following few simple tips will assist you to  preserve your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry’s original luster
Caring and Storing Your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry
 1. Always keep your 925 sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place (to avoid oxidation) when not in use.
 2. Your 925 sterling silver jewelry should be kept clean and it is best that it is kept away from dust.
 3. It is also recommended to keep your 925 sterling silver away from the jewelry made of other metals.
 4. Store your silver jewelry in an anti-tarnish cloth pouch or bags to prevent it from being scatted.
 5. It is important to prevent your 925 sterling silver jewelry from coming into contact with chlorine (even in swimming pools), salt water (at the beach), detergents that may contain certain bleaches and also lotions that contain unknown chemicals.
6. Do Not us Liquid  Silver Cleaning Dips to clean your Bali Oxidized sterling silver jewelry
Cleaning Your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry
1. 925 Sterling Silver jewelry will naturally tarnish with time as the 925 Sterling Silver is exposed to elements in the environment.
2. Anti-tarnish polishing cloths are an excellent choice for cleaning your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. While polishing your tarnished 925 sterling silver jewelry, the anti-tarnish polishing cloths will naturally become black as it removes the top layer of tarnish from the metal. It is not necessary to remove the layer of tarnish by polishing, you can polish it just before using it.
3. If you don’t have Anti-Tarnish polishing cloths, you are recommended to use a little soap and water to wash your 925 sterling silver jewelry, please always use a soft dry cloth (avoid using tissue paper or paper towers) to dry your 925 sterling silver.
4. High quality silver polish may also be used to clean your sterling silver
Hand rubbing develops patina on silver which adds to its beauty. Ornamental silver pieces that have been lacquered may be washed in lukewarm water; hot water could remove the lacquer. Polishing silver while wearing rubber gloves promotes tarnish. Instead, choose plastic or cotton gloves.
Baking Soda: Apply a paste of baking soda and water. Rub, rinse, and polish dry with a soft cloth. To remove tarnish from silverware, sprinkle baking soda on a damp cloth and rub it on the silverware until tarnish is gone. Rinse and dry well.

Never clean your Oxidized sterling Silver Bali Jewelry with chemical liquid cleaners.  The finish will most likely be removed and the piece damaged.


Specially treated glove removes tarnish & leaves a bright finish.

This amazing new concept will make cleaning and polishing silver a breeze . No Messy Cleanup

Shines and Polishes: Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass and Flatware

(Do not use on gemstones, pearls, etc)

Never clean your Bali or other Sterling Silver with harsh liquid chemicals. Silver jewelry should always be cleaned with a soft cotton or flannel cloth. Synthetic materials can cause scratching. Chemical dipping solutions can remove the special oxidation finish to Bali Jewelry. You can use a silver cleaning cloth, which has anti-tarnish ingredients, to restore the luster to your jewelry

Jewelers Polishing Cloth (Pink): Cleans Polishes Gold & Silver, specially treated removes tarnish and leaves a bright brilliant shine.  Also shines Copper, Brass, Silver Flatware and much more   

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